Episode 87: Oathbreaker

“10:56 / Second Son of R.”


The band Oathbreaker formed in 2008 in Belgium. In this episode, Caro and Gilles from the band break down the two-part song that opens their third album, Rheia. These two tracks, 10:56 and Second Son of R., were written and performed as one song. They talk about how and why their sound transformed from a pure hardcore band to something amalgamated with shoegaze, and Caro talks about her own evolution as a vocalist and a lyricist, writing candidly about her own past.

You can buy “10:56” and “Second Son of R.”on iTunes.

“10:56 / Second Son of R.” music video

This is episode is sponsored by Lyft (lyft.com/exploder) and Blue Microphones (blue-headphones.com).

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Episode 86: James Vincent McMorrow

“Get Low”


James Vincent McMorrow is a singer/songwriter whose first albums fell somewhere on the folk music side of things. But his sound has changed over the years, incorporating elements of R&B and electronic music. On the album We Move, James worked with the producer Nineteen85, whose credits include tracks by Drake and Nicki Minaj. In this episode, James breaks down the song, “Get Low,” from that record and how it was inspired by Clipse, minimalism, and Los Angeles.

You can buy “Get Low” on iTunes.

Clipse – Grindin’

“Get Low” trailer

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Episode 85: Phantogram

“You Don’t Get Me High Anymore”


Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter started Phantogram in 2007. They’ve worked on crafting a particular sound and they’ve had a particular way of making their dense productions since the beginning. But for their new record, Three, things changed. The song “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore” took the band outside of their comfort zone. And, in this episode, Sarah and Josh break down how they made the original demo, and how outsiders like The-Dream and co-producer Ricky Reed influenced the way the song ultimately turned out.

You can buy “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore”on iTunes.

“You Don’t Get Me High Anymore” music video

Eddie Bo – “Hook and Sling, Part One”

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