Episode 6: Daedelus



In this episode, Alfred Darlington, better known as Daedelus, takes apart his song Experience. This early track of his is made with only acoustic sounds, but Alfred still considers it a piece of electronic music, and explains why. He also talks about the unexpected life the song has had since he recorded it, after being sampled by Madlib for his collaboration with MF Doom, Madvillain. Experience became the beat for Madvillain’s Accordion, the first song on their highly acclaimed album, and later referenced and resampled by artists like Drake and Kitty (aka Kitty Pryde). Daedelus deconstructs the song and discusses what its legacy means to him.

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Buy Daedelus’s song Experience on iTunes here.

footnotes and links:
Madvillain – Accordion

Drake – The Grind

Kitty – Accordion

Tory Lanez – Accordion

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