Episode 175: Vampire Weekend

“Harmony Hall”

The band Vampire Weekend started in 2006, in New York. Their third album came out in 2013 and it was named one of the best albums of the year all over the place, and it won a Grammy. But then, it took six years for their next album, Father of the Bride, to come out. This album’s also been nominated for a Grammy, for album of the year. And the lead single from it, “Harmony Hall,” was nominated for Best Rock Song.

In this episode, Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend takes “Harmony Hall” apart. I spoke to him along with producer Ariel Rechtshaid, and the two of them detailed winding path the song went down, over several years, before it finally took shape.

You can buy or stream “Harmony Hall” here.

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Illustration by Carlos Lerma.

Origin of the Alice Cooper quote
Mark Ronson
Rostam Batmangliij, additional production
Danielle Haim, backing vocals
Dave Longstreth, backing vocals