Episode 24: Tycho



Tycho is the project of Scott Hansen, along with guitarist Zac Brown and drummer Rory O’Connor. I spoke with Scott in front of a live audience in San Francisco (thanks to Noise Pop). In this episode, he breaks down the title track from the 2014 Tycho album Awake, including a note he misplayed, and a vocal part you aren’t really supposed to know about.

Buy “Awake” on iTunes.

See some of Scott’s design work for Tycho in this piece for Re-form on Medium.com.

The Interpol song that influenced Scott is “PDA.”

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Episode 23: Stars

“No One Is Lost”


Stars is a band from Montreal (via Toronto), who have been making music together since 2000. Their seventh album was released in October 2014. For this episode, I spoke to several members of the band: singer Amy Millan over the phone, and to Evan Cranley and Pat McGee in their recording studio along with their co-producer Liam O’Neil. In this episode, they talk about the inspiration for the phrase “No One Is Lost” which is the title of this song as well as the album. And you’ll hear the original version of the chorus: one that they wrote, recorded, mixed, and finished but then, ended up changing completely.

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James Shaw of the band Metric remixed the chorus.

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