Episode 33: How to Dress Well

“Pour Cyril”

Song Exploder: How to Dress Well

In an interview with Belgian filmmakers the Dardenne brothers, talking about the kinds of stories they tell, Luc Dardenne says, “Human suffering, that interests us very much.”

It also interests Tom Krell, a songwriter and producer who goes by the name How to Dress Well. After seeing one of the Dardenne brothers films, The Kid With a Bike, he was inspired to make the song “Pour Cyril.” In this episode, he’ll dig deep into that where that inspiration led him, from transformations within the song, within the film, and within himself.

Buy “Pour Cyril” on iTunes, and check out How to Dress Well’s live orchestral version of the song on Soundcloud.

referenced in this episode
“The Kid with a Bike,” directed by Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne

Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5 in E flat major, Op. 73, 2nd movement

“Special,” by Janet Jackson

“Beau Travail,” directed by Claire Denis


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Episode 32: White Hinterland

“Ring the Bell”


Casey Dienel is a producer, singer, and songwriter who goes by the name White Hinterland. In this episode, she’ll break down her song Ring the Bell. To make it, she had to break out of her comfort zone of working alone and reach to other people. She got a little unexpected help from Beyoncé.

Buy “Ring the Bell” on iTunes.

Here’s Beyoncé’s song “The End of Time.”

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