Episode 256: Bakar

“Hell N Back”

Bakar is a singer and songwriter from London. In 2018 he put out his first release, Badkid. A year later, he put out the EP, Will You Be My Yellow?, and this September, he’s releasing his second full-length album, Halo. One of Bakar’s tracks from the EP and the upcoming album is a song called “Hell N Back,” which went platinum, and hit number one on Billboard’s Triple A Charts. For this episode, Bakar told me how he wrote “Hell N Back,” and all the unexpected twists and turns it took before it became a hit.

You can buy or stream “Hell N Back” here.

Illustration by Carlos Lerma.

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List of suicide crisis lines
Beach Noise – producers
Shangri-LaRick Rubin’s recording studio
Aidan Cullen – music video director
“I Caught You In A Lie,” by Robert Parker – sampled in “Hell N Back”
Zaza World Radio
Isaiah Barr – horn