Episode 142: Christine and the Queens

“Doesn’t Matter”

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Christine and the Queens is a singer, songwriter, and producer from France. Her debut album was first released in 2014 in French, and in 2015, she released an English version of it. It was critically acclaimed and she won the Victoire de le Musique—France’s equivalent of the Grammy—for Best Female Artist in 2015. In July 2018, she released the single “Doesn’t Matter” in advance of her second album, Chris. Like before, she made a French version and an English version, but this time she wrote both versions simultaneously. In this episode, she talks about what that translation process was like, and the possibilities it opened up, as she takes apart “Doesn’t Matter.” The song and the story first began in Chris’s basement.

Buy or stream “Doesn’t Matter” here, and watch the music video below. You can buy the album, Chris on vinyl here.

For a transcript of this episode, click here.

Illustration by Carlos Lerma.

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