Episode 52: Deradoorian

“A Beautiful Woman”


Angel Deradoorian has been a member of the bands Dirty Projectors and Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks, and has contributed to albums by Vampire Weekend, Flying Lotus, and Brandon Flowers. This year she released her first full-length album as Deradoorian, The Expanding Flower Planet. In this episode, Angel breaks down the song “A Beautiful Woman.” After leaving the Dirty Projectors, Angel moved from the east coast to Los Angeles to focus on her own music. She talks about how “A Beautiful Woman” was inspired by the loneliness of moving across the country, overcoming creative self-doubt, and transitioning from a secondary role in other bands to the main role of songwriter for her debut solo album.

Buy “A Beautiful Woman” on iTunes, or get the album (on colored vinyl) from Anticon.

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