Episode 91: DJ Shadow

“Mutual Slump”


In 1996, Josh Davis, aka DJ Shadow, released his first album, Endtroducing…... It’s been hailed pretty much universally as one of the best albums of the ’90s, and Time Magazine included it in its top 100 albums of all time. It changed hip-hop and electronic music, and helped define the trip-hop genre. Now, for the 20th anniversary of the release, DJ Shadow breaks down the song “Mutual Slump.”

To mark the anniversary, DJ Shadow has released a deluxe box set version of Endtroducing….., which features album outtakes and remixes by artists like Hudson Mohawke, Daedelus, and others. You can order the deluxe version here, and you can also buy the song “Mutual Slump” on iTunes.

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Björk – “Possibly Maybe”
Pugh Rogefeldt – “Love, Love, Love”