Episode 270: Shania Twain

“You’re Still The One”

Shania Twain is a singer and songwriter from Ontario, Canada. She’s the only female artist to have had three consecutive Diamond albums  —  albums that have each sold over ten million copies. Actually, her 1997 album Come On Over is the best-selling album by a female solo artist of all time. One of the most iconic songs from that iconic album is “You’re Still The One.” It was co-written and produced by Mutt Lange, who had previously produced some other classic albums, like AC/DC’s Back in Black and Def Leppard’s Pyromania. He had also produced Shania Twain’s previous album, The Woman in Me. For this episode, Shania told me the story of writing “You’re Still The One.” She told me about what the song meant to her when she was making it, over 25 years ago, and what it means to her now.

You can buy or stream “You’re Still The One” here.

Illustration by Carlos Lerma.

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Paul Leim – drums
John Hobbs – organ
Bruce Bouton – steel guitar
Mutt had also produced albums for Foreigner and The Cars
Shania’s childhood repertoire included Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette and George Jones