Episode 187: Apparat



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The Netflix original series Dark debuted in December 2017. It’s a really mysterious, mind-bending German science fiction show with a unique tone. A big part of that tone is announced every episode with the music in the show’s opening title sequence. It’s the song “Goodbye,” by German electronic artist Apparat, the solo project of Sascha Ring. This song actually came out years ago, on the 2011 Apparat album The Devil’s Walk. Since then, before it was used as the theme song for Dark, it’s been featured in a bunch of films and commercials, and notably, in the Season 4 finale of Breaking Bad.

The final season of Dark just came out last week, so I wanted to find out how the show’s theme music was made. “Goodbye” features vocals from Anja Plaschg, an Austrian artist who makes music under the name Soap&Skin. In this episode, Sascha and Anja break down how the song was created.

You can buy or stream “Goodbye” here.

Illustration by Carlos Lerma.

For a transcript of this episode, click here.

Dark on Netflix
“Goodbye” in Breaking Bad
Thomas Golubić, Breaking Bad music supervisor
PC Nackt, co-producer
“Mr. Gaunt Pt 1000” by Soap&Skin