Episode 188: Khruangbin

“So We Won’t Forget”


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Khruangbin is a band from Houston, Texas, who first formed in 2010. NME called them the “low key superstars” of psychedelic music. They’ve released three albums. The most recent, which came out in June 2020, is called Mordechai.

In the past, most of Khruangbin’s songs have been instrumental, or if they did have vocals, they’d be minimal. Their new album is different. It features vocals prominently, and in this episode, the three of them explain their philosophy on vocals, and their process on writing lyrics. I spoke to each of them to get their perspective on how they made the song “So We Won’t Forget.”

You can buy or stream “So We Won’t Forget” here.

Illustration by Carlos Lerma.

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“Khushi” – Nazia Hassan
Steve Christensen – engineer
Synare drum synthesizer
The NeverEnding Story II