Episode 212: AURORA


AURORA is a singer and songwriter from Norway, who released her first EP in 2015, when she was 19 years old. It featured this song, “Runaway” and after it came out Aurora went on to win Norwegian Grammys for Best New Artist and Best Pop Artist. And she played the voice of the North Wind in Disney’s Frozen 2. This year, six years after that debut EP came out, Aurora’s song “Runaway” became a huge hit on TikTok. At the time this episode was recorded, between YouTube and Spotify, “Runaway” has been streamed over half a billion times. For this episode, Aurora looked back at how the song first began, and how it evolved over time, from the demo to the final version.

You can buy or stream “Runaway” here.


I love this trend so much 🥀 there is so much beauty in this world. ##runawayaurora ##runaway

♬ Runaway – AURORA

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Illustration by Carlos Lerma.

Magnus Skylstad, producer and co-writer
Odd Martin, producer and guitarist