Episode 275: Fenne Lily

“Lights Light Up”

Fenne Lily is a singer and songwriter from Dorset, England. She released her first album in 2018, but I didn’t find her music until 2023, when she put out her third album, Big Picture. The album she released in between those two was one that got a little lost in the lockdown, when all her touring plans around it got canceled. All of that plays into the story she tells in this episode, about making her song “Lights Light Up” from that third album. I spoke to Fenne in front of a live audience at WBUR CitySpace, in Boston. Coming up, you’ll hear how the song evolved across different versions of demos and then in the studio, where she recorded it with Grammy-nominated producer Brad Cook.

You can buy or stream “Lights Light Up” here.

Illustration by Carlos Lerma.

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Joe Sherrin – guitar
Kane Eagle – bass
James Luxton – drums
Phil Cook – keys
Lucy Dacus
Saint CloudWaxahatchee album